War Archives

September 27

Saudi-led airstrikes killed 28 people and injured around 20 others in Zaila village, Midi in the province of Hajjah.


September 27

Residential areas in Yareem, Ibb were hit once again by Saudi-led airstrikes killing at least 6 people from two families.


September 24

Saudi-led airstrikes killed several children in Jiah, Hajjah on September 24, 2015. This was the day of the eid annual celebration.


September 21

Over 20 people were killed by Saudi-led airstrikes which targeted a shopping area in Alshaqadirah, Hajjah on September 21,2015.


September 21

Saudi-led airstrikes killed over 20 civilians; most of them from the family of Mufarreh Alkowkabani (seen in the first picture). The airstrikes destroyed over 6 homes in Alhasabah in Sanaa on September 21, 2015.


September 19

Saudi-led airstrikes targeted a shopping area in Al-Miqni, Minabbeh in Saada on September 19,2015. Over 70 people were killed.


September 18

Saudi-led airstrikes destroyed the homes of 3 families in Marran, Saada on September 18,2015. The airstrikes killed 30 people. Most of the victims were buried before reported were able to reach the site.


September 10

Saudi-led airstrikes hit Hajar residential area in Haddah, Sanaa on September 10, 2015.


September 8

Several houses in Sanaa were targeted by at least 9 Saudi-coalition air strikes. The house of Alasadi was destroyed killing him and his two children; the house of Alanduli and the house of his neighbor Alarozi killing his child; the house of Aaith injuring everyone in it; and the house of Alowbali.

September 8

Saudi-led airstrikes targeted the Police College in Sana'a causing major damage to the building and its neighboring commercial stores. September 8, 2015.


September 8

Saudi-led air strikes attack trucks in Almakka, Taiz killing several truck drivers. September 8, 2015.


September 7

Saudi-led airstrikes targeted the Professional Institute in Sirwah in the province of Marib. September 7, 2015.


September 6

Saudi-led airstrikes targeted the National Institute for Hotels and Tourism in Sanaa. September 6, 2015.


September 5

Saudi-led airstrikes destroy a poultry farm in Arrahidah, Taiz. September 5, 2015.