War Archives

March 29

Saudi-coalition air strikes hit the homes of residents in Baqim, Saada, killing 8 children and two pregnant women, and injuring 4 others.


March 24

One Saudi-coalition air strike targeted a local market near a mosque in Saada city killing an injuring 6 people.

March 24

One Saudi-coalition air strike destroyed homes in Saada killing a 6-month old child and his grandfather. The grandmother was injured and so were other relatives.

March 21

One Saudi-coalition air strike targeted a passenger pickup truck on the way to Ghamar, Saada, carrying steel and cement. The air strike killed three passengers. Another air strike targeted bedouins in Habakah, Majz in Saada, injuring a child and her mother.


March 19

A Saudi-coalition air strike on Alja'malah, Saada destroyed a house injuring the mother and two of her children. The air strike destroyed the family farm as well.

March 17

Saudi-coalition air strikes targeted 5 trucks on the highway between Tuhaita and Khokhah killing around 25 people. The trucks were carrying flour, vegetables and cement.


March 17

Saudi-coalition ships and helicopters targeted African refugees boats. Around 50 people were killed and many were injured. A day earlier, helicopters killed 7 fishermen and injured around 8 others from Aldoraihimi, Hoedeidah.


March 14

Cluster bombs by the Saudi coalition were dropped on Alkhamees area in Saada city. At least 12 people were injured mostly women and children.

March 14

Three cluster bombs by the Saudi coalition targeted bedouins tents in Alrakko, Saada. The bombs killed 3 and injured 4 including women and children. The bombs also killed some of the bedouins livestock.

March 12

Saudi-coalition air strike targeted passengers in Mahalli, Nihm, killing 3 people including one woman.


March 11

A Saudi-coalition air strike targeted a house in an extremely poor region in Almazraq, Hajjah, killing a woman and two children. The air strike also killed some of the livestock.

March 10

A Saudi-coalition air strike targeted a market in Alkhokhah city, Alhodeidah, killing at least 22 people and injuring others.

March 7

A woman was burnt by a Saudi-coalition air strike on her house in Munabbeh, Saada. The woman arrived at the hospital after 3 days.

March 4

Two Saudi-coalition air strikes targeted workers that were fixing water pipes on Almarhah mountain in Amran killing 4 workers and injuring 6 others.

March 3

Saudi coalition dropped cluster bombs on Alberkah residential area in the suburbs of Saada killing and injuring 15 civilians including women and children.