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Cluster bombs dropped on farm lands and residential areas in Sehar, Saada. This video captured one of these bombs when they were launched. Local committees volunteer to collect these bombs and destroy them before they kill humans or animals.

October 29

Airstrikes targeted one bus for employees of Hayel Saeed Anam Company in Houban, Taiz on October 29,2015.

October 27

Saudi alliance airstrikes hit a residential area in Aljiraf, northern Sanaa. Eight homes were damaged and four people were injured.


October 26

Saudi alliance airstrikes hit homes in Thabwah village in Sanhan, Sanaa.


October 23

Saudi alliance airstrikes hit homes in Haydan, Saada, killed 11 members from the family of Maswadah - including 4 children, their parents, and two of their grandparents.


October 22

Saudi alliance airstrikes targeted Uqban Island, Hudeidah on October 22,2015. Around 115 were killed. Some of the bodies reached the shores of Hudeidah with obvious marks of burns.


October 14

Saudi alliance airstrikes destroyed a bridge between Taiz and Hudeidah close to Alhamili on October 14, 2015.

October 8

Airstrikes killed 54 - mostly women and children - in a wedding party in Sanaban, Thamar. Many others were injured. This is not the first wedding site hit by airstrikes. The Saudi alliance killed over a hundred in a wedding party in Taiz on September 2015.