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Saudi alliance airstrikes hit the homes of four families from Al Ashaibah in Almaghsal, Majz in the province of Saada. Over 12 dead bodies were taken out of the rubble including many children. The first part of the report was done during the rescue of one woman that was under the rubble. You will see the bodies of children that were killed in the second half.

June 26

Saudi alliance airstrikes on Almahabishah village in Hajjah. June 26, 2015.


June 16

Saudi alliance airstrikes hit Arwa school for girls in Almijaliah, Taiz on June 16, 2015. Some neighboring houses were damages. 4 women and kids were killed.


June 15

Saudi alliance airstrikes hit a market in Alhazm, Aljawf on June 15, 2015.


June 14

Saudi alliance airstrikes hit trucks loaded with water bottles in Alhashamah, Taiz on June 14, 2015. 7 people were killed including pedestrian.


June 13

Saudi alliance airstrikes hit residential buildings in Bait Miad, Sanaa on June 13, 2015.


June 12

Saudi-led coalition targets Yasnim market in Baqim, Saada. 12 people were killed and over 15 were injured.