War Archives

April 20

Saudi alliance targeted a weapons depos inside the capital Sana'a. The explosion was extremely powerful, it damaged so many houses kilometers away. Over 80 civilians were killed and several hundreds wounded. [This video was re-posted in multiple places. The original source is unknown to us.]

April 28

Sana'a airport was hit by airstrikes on April 28,2015. The landing and takeoff runways were damaged in addition to one plane belonging to Al-Saeeda airlines.


April 26

Saudi-led airstrikes hit a residential area in Attan damaging houses and Ibn Sinaa school. April 28, 2015.


April 24

Two aistrikes by the Saudi alliance on Arrakab village in Taiz killed 8 people and wounded 7 others on April 24, 2015. Several homes were destroyed.


April 21

Two airstrikes targeted Addaleel bridge in Sumarah, Ibb. The airstrikes killed at least 24 people and injured tens others. (The words repeated by the cameraman in the video translate to: May God fight you family of Saud. May God curse you.)


April 20

Saudi-led airstrikes hit homes in Aal Hubajir, Saada killing 4 children (2 months old, 4 years old, 5 years old, and 8 years old) and their grandmother (75 years old).


April 16

Saudi-led airstrikes destroyed a gas station in Houth, Amran on April 16, 2015. The airstrikes also targeted some passenger vehicles. Over 30 people were killed and tens others injured.


April 10

Saudi-coalition air strikes hit Aden port and grain silos causing major damages.


April 5

Saudi alliance aistrikes destroyed Aqqan bridge in Lahj on April 5, 2015. This bridge connects Taiz province to Aden.