War Archives

November 24

A Saudi coalition airstrike targeted the home of a family in Sihar, Saada killing three civilians including a 2-year-old child and injuring three others.

November 23

Saudi coalition airstrikes targeted pickup trucks in Hiran - Hajjah, killing 12 passengers and injuring 13 others.

November 14

Saudi coalition airstrikes targeted food and fuel trucks in Yareem, Ibb. The airstrikes killed around 10 and injured others.


November 10

Two Saudi coalition airstrikes killed 3 civilians and injured at least 11 in Manakhah between Sana'a and Hodeidah; the first targeted a truck loaded with vegetables and a passenger vehicle, while the second damanged the road between the two provinces.

November 2

Saudi coalition airstrike targeted a truck carrying food supplies in Razih, Saada. The air strikes killed the driver.