War Archives

August 31

Several airstrikes hit Alrawdah area in Sanaa. The airstrikes targeted the Military College, farms and residential areas killing two people and injuring others.


August 30

The Saudi-led coalition hit the remaining station for propane gas used for cooking in the city of Hajjah on August 30, 2016.


August 29

Three airstrikes targeted Bani Thabian in Thamar on August 29,2016. One of the airstrikes hit a vehicle carrying vendors that were heading to Sanaa. 5 people got killed and three injured.


August 29

The Saudi-led coalition hit Thabhan market in Sanaa on August 29,2016. The airstrike killed 4 women and 3 children. There were 7 more children injured. The airstrike destroyed several stores and homes in the area. Almasirah video captured the war crime from the moment the airstrike hit the market.


August 29

Three airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition targeted the residential buildings of Assayedah Sugar Factory in Hodeidah. The airstrikes injured 23 people.

August 27

Saudi-led airstrikes hit taxis and motorcyles in a station in Sharab, Taiz on August 27, 2016 killing and injuring 15 passengers, drivers, and street vendors.


August 26

12 people were killed - mostly women and children from two families - when the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes targeted their homes in Baqim, Saada on August 26, 2016. There were others injured.

August 16

Two airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition targeted two homes in Bani Alharith, Sanaa. The airstrikes killed two children and two women, and injured over 10 others.

August 16

The Saudi-led coalition targeted a home in Nihm, Sanaa killing 6 civilians including a pregnant woman and 4 children. The same site was hit by another airstrike about 10 minutes later while there were rescuers killing 5 more.

August 15

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes targeted Abs hospital in Hajjah which was supported by Doctors without Borders/Medicine Sans Frontier MFS. The attack killed 19 people and injured 24 others. MFS decided to evacuate its staff from Saada and Hajjah after these attacks - the fourth on a facility supported by the group.


August 13

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes targeted a tradition Quran school in Jumaa bin Fadil in Saada on August 13, 2016 killing 12 people - mostly children - and injuring around 18 others.


August 13

Four children and two women were killed by the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes on residential houses in a region called Burkan in Razih, Saada. Subsequent airstrikes targeted the rescue teams as well injuring at least one person.


August 9

Airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition targetted Al-Aqil food factory in Sanaa killing 14 civilians and injuring others.


August 8

At least 7 people - including women and children - were killed by the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes on Qatabir, Saada.


August 7

Three Saudi-led airstrikes destroyed homes and stores in Nihm, Sanaa on August 7, 2016 killing 30 people -including women and children - and injuring 14 others.


August 5

The Saudi-led coalition targetted a vehicle carrying passengers with 4 airstrikes in Baqim, Saada on August 5, 2016. The airstrikes killed at least 6 civilians and injured 4 including children.