War Archives

September 29

Two Saudi coaltion air strikes hit a pickup truck in Sehar, Saada, killing at least 5 passengers and injuring 3.

September 28

Saudi coaltion air strikes hit a market in Bakil Almir, Hajjah, killing at least 3 children and injuring 5 other people including women.

September 18

ONe of the last remaining schools in Baqim was destroyed by 3 air strikes. The school was a near a market. No one was injured.

September 17

4 children,4 women and 4 men from three families were killed by Saudi coaltion air strikes on their vehicle while they were traveling from Sanaa to Marib.

September 17

One Saudi coalition air strike hit a motorcycle in Taiz killing two people, another air strike targeted the road and some sheep.

September 16

Saudi coaltion air strike targeted a truck for construction workers in Albarah, Taiz, killing the driver and all the passengers.

September 6

5 children and 1 woman from one family in Hairan, Hajjah were killed by 3 Saudi-led coalition air strikes. The father was the only survivor.

September 3

3 people - a child and 2 women - were killed by Saudi-led coalition air strikes on a home in Hajjah. At least 5 more people were injured.