War Archives

Febraury 25

Saudi-coalition air strikes targeted a house in Utmah, Thamar killing the father and mother while injuring 9 other members of the family. The air strikes destroyed the house, cattle and bee hives of this family.


Febraury 22

Six people including 3 children from Alhumaidat, Al-Jawf were killed by a Saudi-coalition air strike. These people were bedouins that sell wood for their living.


Febraury 22

One child was killed and nine injured by two Saudi-coalition air strikes on Al-Nayel, Saada. One of these air strikes targeted a pickup vehicle. The Saudi coalition also dropped a cluster bomb on Quhzah in the suburbs of Saada city which injured two children, and another cluster bomb on Sihar, Saada which injured one person.


Febraury 21

Two Saudi-coalition air strikes targeted two vehicles in Baqim, Saada, carrying cooking gas tanks and cereal bags. Only traces of the drivers were left after the strikes.

Febraury 19

Two Saudi-coalition air strike destroyed a factory in Hodeidah for making boxes. The factory was employing around 50 people.


Febraury 15

One Saudi-coalition air strike hit women and children gathered for mourning in a house in Arhab, Sanaa. The air strike killed at least 8 women and children, and injured 10 others.


Febraury 14

One Saudi-coalition air strike targeted a pickup vehicle carrying flour in Thuaib, Saada killing three people.


Febraury 13

Three Saudi-coalition air strikes targeted the transportation unit near Hodeidah sea port. The air strikes caused damages to the engineers residential building killing two and injuring three others.


Febraury 11

Saudi coalition air strikes targeted a restaurant in Albarh, Taiz killing 4 people and injuring 6 others.

Febraury 11

Several Saudi-coalition air strikes hit different targets in Hodeidah. Three air strikes targeted the Agricultural Development Authority building. These air strikes destroyed three storage areas, offices and the entrance killing the guard. Another air strike targeted a farm with a residential building. Other air strikes hit a complex for horse riding. And three further air strikes destroyed poultry housing units.


Febraury 6

ِSaudi-coalition air strikes targeted a fuel truck and a pickup truck in Majaz, Saada killing at least three people.


Febraury 6

ِSaudi-coalition air strikes targeted a farm in Tuhaita, Hudeidah, destroying the solar panels and killing the cattle. The air strikes also damanged the water pump for the farm and its neighbors.


Febraury 4

ِThree fishermen were killed, seven injured and 13 were missing when the Saudi-coalition Apache helicopters fired at their boats on Alturfah island off the coast of Hudeidah.


Febraury 4

ِFive Saudi-coalition air strikes targeted a public school in Razih, Saada and a house.


Febraury 4

ِA Saudi-coalition air strike hit a passenger vehicle in Nehm on their way to their home in Aljawf. One child was killed.


Febraury 3

ِA report showed a child and her grandfather injured by cluster bombs dropped by the Saudi coalition on Munabbeh, Saada. The mother of the child said they were not able to take the victims to the hospital for five days out of fear of being hit by air strikes.


Febraury 2

ِSaudi-coalition air strikes destroyed Irfan bridge between Taiz and Hodeidah on February 2. Many trucks carrying produce and other food items were using this bridge.


Febraury 1

ِOne Saudi-coalition air strike targeted a house in Saqain, Saada destrying it and causing damages to a nearby mosque and farm. Another air strike destroyed a plant nursery in the same region.


Febraury 1

ِOne Saudi-coalition air strike targeted a home in Sanaa for Alhakami's family, destrying it and killing two children with their fathers. Other members of the family were injured.