War Archives

February 28

Saudi-led airstrikes targeted a propane gas station and a poultry farm in Houth, Sanaa on February 28, 2016.


February 27

Saudi-led airstrikes targeted a market in Nihm, Sanaa killing 25 people and injuring 30 others. One of the airstrikes hit vehicles for refugees with their animals.


February 25

Two airstrikes on Bani Maeen, Razih in Saada killed a woman and a girl and injured 2 others. The Saudi-led airstrikes damaged around 13 homes in that area.


February 24

Eight airstrikes by the Saudi alliance on Wadi Alkharid, Almaddamah in Aljawf province destroyed two trucks and damaged others. 13 people were reported killed.

February 21

Five airstrikes hit the homes of the Hamzy family in Ghafir, Althahir in Saada northern Yemen. The Saudi-led airstrikes killed 25 people. The airstrikes started by hitting a pickup truck that was carrying flour, then the family store and homes. The first witness in the video below was a survivor. The second witnessed the burying of bodies in two mass graves.


February 16

Food warehouses in Hudeidah were targeted by the Saudi-led airstrikes on February 16, 2016.


February 14

Kowkaban - a historic city - was hit by at least four airstrikes on February 14, 2016. The Saudi-led airstrikes damaged Alqashlah castle and around 10 other homes. Six people were killed.


February 14

Saudi-led airstrikes burned to the ground a sewing workshop in Sanaa on February 14, 2016. Two employees were reported killed and 18 others injured. (Photographer: S. Alqudami)


February 13

Saudi-led airstrikes destroyed stores in Nihm, Sanaa.

February 12

Saudi-led airstrikes destroyed parts of Fun City recreation park in Sanaa. There were also damages to the neighboring Aldailami school. (Photos by S. Alqudami)


February 9

Saudi-led airstrikes destroyed the apartment of Muneer Alhakeemi killing him, his wife and their three children. Muneer and his wife were working in Yemen national TV stations. February 9, 2016.

February 8

Saudi-led airstrikes dropped CBU-52B cluster bombs on the Sheab area in Harath, Hajah. The bombs killed cattle and destroyed some homes.

February 7

Saudi-led airstrikes destroyed a passenger vehicle killing 4 people in Baqim, Saada. February 7, 2016.


February 5

Saudi-led airstrikes destroyed Alkhamseen station in Hudeidah. More than 238 stations were destroyed by airstrikes since the war began.

February 3

Saudi-led airstrikes targeted the cement factory in Amran while people were still at work. The airstrikes killed 15 people and injured around 40 others. Several houses in the neighborhood got damaged.