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November 30

Saudi alliance airstrikes destroyed houses in Talh, Saada on November 30,3015 killing at least four women.

November 30

Five members (including children) from one family were killed by Saudi alliance airstrikes on their home in Assuhul, Ibb on November 30,2015.

November 29

The (edited) image shows whatever was left from the bodies of 12 women killed by an airstrike on Misrakh, Taiz on November 29,2015.


November 29

The Saudi alliance airstrikes targeted trucks carrying flour on the road in Hairan, Hajjah on November 29, 2015.

November 26

Eight people were killed on November 26, 2015 by the Saudi alliance airstrikes that hit their car while they were on their way in Alqutainat, Baqim in the province of Saada.

November 23

Several Saudi alliance airstrikes hit Hajjah Radio and the Cultural Center for the province on November 23, 2015.

November 16

Saudi alliance airstrikes destroyed houses in Salah area in Taiz for the second time on November 16, 2015 killing 8 people from 3 families.


November 11

Several Saudi alliance airstrikes target Yasmin market in Saada for the third time. The video includes scenes from previous strikes - mainly June 12, 2015.


Saudi alliance airstrikes destroyed several bridges in the province of Saada.



This video shows the level of destruction in Mokka, Taiz as a result of the Saudi-led airstrikes until November 2015.