War Archives

April 20

One Saudi-coalition air strike killed a family of four; two children with their parents in Almutun, Aljawf.

April 11

Saudi-coalition helicopters killed a fisherman on his boat near Assawaby island off the coast of Hodeidah.

April 7

Two Saudi-coalition air strikes hit two homes in Jamanah village, Hayran in Hajjah. The air strikes killed 3 and injured at least 10 refugees.

April 5

One Saudi-coalition air strike destroyed the home of a widow in Bani Alharith, Sanaa. There were also damages to the family's farm. Sever people were injured.

April 3

One Saudi-coalition air strike targeted a taxi in Serwah, Marib, killing three passengers. While rescuers were carrying the bodies, two more air strikes killed 5 rescuers and injured 2 more.


April 1

Two Saudi-coalition air strikes - one with a cluster bomb - targeted a farm in Baqim, Saada. The air strikes damaged the farm's solar panels that were used for irrigation.